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In this age of internet and mobile phones our personal data has never been more vulnerable. Identity theft is an increasing problem and it can be difficult to know how to protect ourselves. Here is a comprehensive website designed to answer your questions and provide the best guide online to safeguarding yourself against this devastating fraud.
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Ask Our Experts: How Do We Check a Credit Report is not Duplicated?, Passport Details...
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Case Studies: My Credit Card Was Cloned: A Case Study, An ID Fraud Cost Me Money: A...
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ID Theft & the Law: Identity Theft as a Crime, Prosecuting Identity Fraud, Proving Your...
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Internet & Fraud: How to Avoid Online Fraud, Phishing: Emails that Appear to be from...
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Personal Details: What to do if your Identity is Stolen?, Use Your Credit Score to Stop...
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Latest Comments
  • Ben
    Re: Your National Insurance Number
    @Lfg - you need to contact Action Fraud if you think your identity has been stolen. BB
    3 March 2015
  • AboutIdentityTheft
    Re: Your National Insurance Number
    @MAG - I have included an NI Direct article regarding what you can do if you think your identity may have been stolen, here. I…
    2 March 2015
  • Lfg
    Re: Your National Insurance Number
    I too have been totally stupid and given my dob and ni details over phone, they already had my name and address I also gave past…
    28 February 2015
  • MAG
    Re: Your National Insurance Number
    I have been stupid and gave my national insurance number over the phone and my date of birth can this be used by someone else as…
    26 February 2015
  • AboutIdentityTheft
    Re: How to Avoid Online Fraud
    @Hettpole - E-mailing payslips without a password is insecure, although if you have an individual password on your computer it is less…
    26 January 2015
  • Hettpole
    Re: How to Avoid Online Fraud
    I have recently started receiving my payslip by email. The payslip details including my name, ni number, bank details etc are…
    24 January 2015
  • Suze
    Re: Your National Insurance Number
    I have received a letter from ReAssure saying they believe I am a policy holder with them. They have asked for my National…
    6 January 2015
  • AboutIdentityTheft
    Re: Spotting a Website Goods Scam
    @Squiffy - while many organisations try their best to safeguard your information, much of it is also up to you. Here is a more in…
    21 November 2014
  • squiffy
    Re: Spotting a Website Goods Scam
    what safegaurds for the victim are there if someone uses your n i number after all in our lifetime many agencies are privy to it…
    21 November 2014
  • Lor Lor
    Re: What to do if your Identity is Stolen?
    hi I'm under investigation about ID theft that happened a bit ago at the start the police wasn't bothered and…
    13 November 2014
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